The CPMR through its BBSC applies in the wider Black Sea region the expertise and best practices experienced in different CPMR Member Regions and European sea basins. It has been actively involved in all Black Sea Stakeholders Conferences and contributes to driving maritime issues in the Black Sea forward.

In collaboration with the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), the CPMR promotes towards the European Commission and the Balkans & Black Sea coastal states, successful practices from the Atlantic Arc, the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the North Seas.

The CPMR has the knowledge and is ready to support the implementation of an Integrated Maritime Policy for the Black Sea.

Together with its Members and partners in the wider Black Sea region, the BBSC works on the different aspects of Blue Growth, with a focus on Aquaculture and Coastal and maritime tourism.

Fisheries is another important economic activity in the area. The CPMR is strongly committed in this field and willing to work closely with the different stakeholders and the newly established Black Sea Advisory Council for fisheries.

Vasco Da Gama for the Black Sea is among our goals regarding Education and Training, based on the successful experience of the Vasco Da Gama Project at European level.

Moreover, the wider Black Sea region has a great potential and an important role to play in the area of maritime industries.

Further exchanges with other CPMR Members and partners through the respective CPMR Working Groups are expected to give new impetus to the maritime economy and encourage job creation.

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