The BBSC, together with its Member Regions, supports the different strategies and initiatives aiming at closer cooperation between the various actors and stakeholders in the wider Black Sea region. The involvement of regional and local levels is essential for the implementation of the existing initiatives and design of future policies.

The BBSC priorities are:

  • promotion of the interests of the Regions in the wider Black Sea region
  • involvement in the implementation of the Macro-regional Strategies around the Balkan Peninsula

and in the shaping of new macro-regional and maritime strategies

  • networking
  • projects
  • capacity building.

The CPMR is very interested in the developments in the EU Neighbourhood Policy. The President of Tulcea County Council (Romania) and CPMR Vice-President, Mr Horia Teodorescu, is in charge of the respective CPMR portfolio.

The BBSC participates in the public consultations regarding the EU Neighbourhood Policy in the wider Black Sea region, provides the Member Regions involved in Cross Border Cooperation projects with its expertise. The ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020 is a main priority for the BBSC.

By participating in the preparation of concrete project proposals, the BBSC becomes more involved in the Eastern Partnership and Black Sea Synergy area. Among its future goals is the organisation of a series of workshops focused on specific priorities and the creation of a Regional and Local Authorities Forum in collaboration with the Civil Society (Black Sea NGO Forum).

Bulgarian and Romanian EU Presidencies (1st semester of 2018 and 2019 respectively)

The CPMR is working closely with its Member Regions from the host countries to increase visibility of the wider Black Sea regions interests and contribute to driving developments forward.


Forthcoming Events

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