At the European Maritime Day held in Burgas on 31 May and 1 June, the CPMR’s Balkan & Black Sea Commission (BBSC) moderated the workshop ‘Between Green and Blue: Sustainability in Marine and Coastal Tourism’.

The CPMR’s speaker for the workshop, held on 31 May, was Mr Valentin Moldoveanu, of Tulcea County Council, which is a member of the CPMR and BBSC.

As a key economic sector and a pillar of the Blue Economy, marine and coastal tourism can have a hugely negative impact on the environment when not managed in a sustainable and equitable fashion.

This workshop aimed to identify best practices and innovative solutions, which reduce the impacts of mass tourism on environment and societies, maximizing its benefits and improving the relationship between visitors and local people.

The workshop was organised by the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and the Bologna University, Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST UNIBO).

As well as Mr Moldoveanu, the panel for the workshop also consisted of Mr Mauro Randone, Regional Projects Manager from WWF, and Mr Jeremy Sampson, Ecosystems Programme Communications Officer at International Union for Conservation of Nature.

More information and speakers’ presentations are available on the DG MARE website.


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