The CPMR and its Balkan and Black Sea Commission took part in two events focused on the Black Sea, held under the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and supported by the European Commission – the “Sustainable Development at the Black Sea” (SUST-BLACK) Conference in Bucharest on 8-9 May 2019, and the Ministerial Conference on a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea in Bucharest on 21 May 2019.

At the SUST-BLACK Conference, the European Commission together with the Republic of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Turkey, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, launched the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea (SRIA).

The Black Sea SRIA aims to advance a shared vision for a productive, healthy, resilient and sustainable Black Sea by 2030, while considering the special and unique characteristics of its ecosystem. It will focus on four key areas: addressing fundamental Black Sea research challenges; boosting the Black Sea Blue Economy; developing innovative infrastructures, and enhancing blue workforce through education for new marine and maritime jobs and engaging citizens.

The CPMR is among the main actors mentioned in the Black Sea SRIA document that are expected to be involved in implementing the planned actions.

The Ministerial Conference gathered ministers with competences in maritime affairs from the Black Sea coastal countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine) and the Republic of Moldova, in the presence of a high-level representative of the European Commission, with a view to adopting a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea.

The Common Maritime Agenda focuses on fields related to the blue economy, which can contribute to the sustainable economic development of the Region, especially in coastal regions (maritime affairs, fisheries and aquaculture, research and innovation, connectivity, environmental protection, tourism, education and the development of skills required for a maritime economy). The Black Sea region thereby joins the rest of the sea basins bordering the EU in setting a basin-wide initiative for increased sustainable, economic growth.

The CPMR is specifically mentioned in the Ministerial Declaration of Bucharest on a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea, as was the case in last year’s Ministerial Declaration of Burgas Towards a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea.

Watch the Black Sea Strategic Agenda’s video.