The CPMR’s Balkan & Black Sea Commission (BBSC) will hold its General Assembly meeting on 24 May 2017, in Serres (Central Macedonia – Greece).

The BBSC General Assembly will precede the 1st Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum on 25-26 May.

The BBSC General Assembly meeting takes place at a particularly challenging period for the European project and its relations with neighbouring countries.

The Member Regions will gather in Serres to develop a business plan for 2017-2019 which will coincide with the Bulgarian and Romanian Presidencies of the Council of the EU.

The Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum aims to:

  • highlight cross‐border cooperation
  • enhance bilateral and multilateral relations
  • strengthen business opportunities
  • promote economic growth and sustainable development

among the 17 states of the Balkans and Black Sea region (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine).

The CPMR and its BBSC are strategic partners in this Forum. The Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) is the official partner of the Forum., and the CPMR is BSEC’s sectorial dialogue partner.